About the Team

The LCC Printmaking, Book Arts and Letterpress team are a group of people who love to make things! The team has over 125 years of printmaking, book arts and letterpress practice between us, and we are always happiest to share this information with students to support their practice.

From potatoes to photopolymer, stitching to ceramics, copper to conductive inks, we are interested in all of it, and if we don’t know the answer to a question, we can definitely point you to someone who does.

For general enquiries, email printmaking@lcc.arts.ac.uk.
Click below for more information on individual members of the team:

Lisa Chappell
Printmaking, Screenprinting

Jess Copsey

Photo of letterpress print '12 points', letterpress printed on Sixties, 60gsm transparent paper.

Andrew Long

Josie holding her baby next to an improvised screen printing bed

Josie Molloy

Picture of Richard (but younger) in shirt/hat combo with stripey t-shirt.

Richard Roberts

Izzy Smithson
Printmaking, Screenprinting

Untitled. Work in progress. Animation still. 2020

Kath Van Uytrecht

Unfortunate Error, 2019. Letterpress Print of Home Office Letter

Klara Vith

Untitled stack of ceramic cups, 2019

Simon Walker

Installation view of book furniture for bookworks: structures which heighten and reflect the book’s distinctive material properties and qualities. London, 2016

Rahel Zoller
Book Arts