Printmaking – Learning Resources

Mono Printing

This type of printing is ideal for experimenting with layering, colours and opacities.

Photograph of two small offset monoprints, on a drying rack.  2018.
Offset monoprints from a student induction, 2018.

For an ‘at home’ version of mono printing take a look at Letterpress technician Klara’s blog post.

External learning resources

Print Centre – a padlet filled with all things print by the technical team at University West of England (UWE)! Scroll sideways to access a compendium of links and resources.

LinocutBoy – a blog by illustrator and printmaker Nick Morley, exploring the art of linocutting. If you’re looking for inspiration on what you can do with a spoon, check out his enormous whale print!

Copper Plate Etching: 9 steps – a classic Instructables by Sydney-based artist Angus Fisher. This is a step-by-step for copper plate etching, including a bonus step on hand-colouring prints once they have dried.

Laura Boswell: Woodblock a step-by-step of Laura Boswell’s woodblock process, based on Japanese hand-printed methods, adapted to what we have access to in the UK.

Edinburgh Printmakers usually an open access print studio that have been creating ‘How To’s’ as well as a Saturday Print Club, where they post more ‘How To’ videos on social media.

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