The letterpress workshop at LCC

The letterpress workshop at LCC comprises a large collection of metal typefaces, which are a historic document of its past as the London School of Printing. You can still find old formes with typeset course certificates on forgotten, tucked away galleys.

Equipment in the letterpress workshop:
– FAG40 Cylinder Proofing Press
– Western25 and Western30 Cylinder Proofing Presses, to print up to B2 without problems
– A3 Photopolymer Platemaker

We also support:
– digital pre-press work, including setting up files for lasercutting and platemaking
– hybrid print practices

Cylinder proofing presses

Our workshops are available to students who have completed the Health and Safety Induction in the area they want to work. We run course-booked inductions, as well as sign-ups which are open to all LCC students. These can be found on the ORB.