Klara Vith

I am an artist and graphic designer from Austria. After studying BA Information Design and working in graphic design, I went on to study MA Visual Arts: Book Arts at Camberwell College of Arts. During my time there I developed not just my current artistic practice, but also a love for letterpress. 

My work always deals with text and type, both digitally and in the workshop. I am particularly interested in reproducing found text fragments through letterpress and dealing with ideas around archiving, re-contextualisation and languages of power. I love dabbling in new techniques – there is always something new to learn and add to your repertoire (or not)! When I am not at LCC, I work as a letterpress printer at New North Press in Hoxton and as a freelance graphic designer. 

Top 5 Tips

1. Don’t shy away from old, new or different material. Crayons, screws for mono printing, carbon paper. Everything has a quality that may come in useful for your work. 
2. Vegetable oil. With some kitchen paper, it is your cheap and convenient saviour if you need to clean up oil-based ink. 
3. Keep testing. Make dummies, tiny books, try your ideas in different materials. Not only does it help with planning your project, it is also useful to put your thoughts into a physical shape, however small and simple. At the very least it will free up some space in your head. 
4. Hunt down some letraset and carbon paper! They are handy for quick transfers, and carbon paper can be used for rubbing textures (frottage) too.
5. Set yourself simple exercises. It can be difficult to start making, especially if you are by yourself. Try out some timed exercises focusing on colours, collage, writing – anything to get over that first hurdle. 

Inspiration and Support

typeroom – A constant flow of inspiration and information on all things type.

Letterform Archive –

The Printing Charity – Their annual Print Futures Award helps young people realise their potential in print, publishing, packaging, and the graphic arts.

Contact information
Email: k.vith@lcc.arts.ac.uk
Instagram: @klaravith