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Letterpress at LCC

Letterpress induction handout

The induction handout covers relevant health and safety, information about the workshop, the basic process of working and laser cutting instructions.

Photopolymer plates are ideal to add visual elements to letterpress. This includes logos, rasterised images, experimental type and language-specific glyphs which are unavailable in the workshop. This guide forms part of the platemaking induction at LCC where you can learn to prepare files and process plates yourself.

Print your own pica ruler on A4! Just make sure you do not scale the file when you select your print settings. One side includes the metric and the other the imperial system, so you can choose your favourite or stick them back-to-back. Sandwich a thicker paper stock or cardboard in between the printouts to make it more durable.

A file for printable pica grids to fit the sizes A5, A4 and A3. Pica grids are very useful for mock-ups, drawing up grids and pasting parts of your project to build your layout. Print it for manual work, or use them digitally as a grid to work towards.

Some cabinets filled with metal type in the workshop.

Our metal type collection contains some 75 typefaces – in different sizes and weights. This list catalogues them all. Note that it does not include the wood type available in the workshop.

External learning resources

David Wolske: Colorizing Wood type with Adobe Photoshop
Simulating letterpress on your computer for planning and while you do not have access to a print workshop

Dafi Kühne’s Printing Show
The Swiss wizard of letterpress who continually comes up with interesting ideas, concepts and a fresh approach to letterpress printing

Boxcar Press: File Preparation
File preparation tips for photopolymer for letterpress

General Printing
Book by Cleeton, Glen U; Pitkin, Charles W.
Publisher: Bloomington, Ill : McKnight & McKnight Pub. Co, (c1941)
Available in UAL libraries