Lisa Chappell

I studied BA Fine Art at Staffordshire University, specialising in Printmaking and graduated in 1993 (eek!)  Since then, I have clocked up a fair few inky miles, working as a print technician, tutor and print editioner in a number of print studios and educational institutions.

I fell in love with printmaking when my first (terrible) attempt at etching got me hooked, and now within my own practice I work across etching and screenprint, with a bit of lithography thrown in for good measure. My work is predominantly photo based, and I have a particular passion for halftones, using and abusing the CMYK process across the different techniques.

Top Tips:

Play – allow yourself time to play with processes and image making. Enjoy the act of making, without worrying about the end result. Something will happen, and it doesn’t have to perfect.
Start small – build your skills and confidence, and iron out some of the problems, before scaling up. Or maybe don’t scale up – small can be powerful too.
Be patient – you are learning new skills and a new way of making. Like learning a new language or musical instrument, it takes practice.
Adapt and improvise – see how much you can do with what you have around you.

Inspiration: (life outside lockdown) : Crown Point Press, masters of all intaglio processes, share their incredible knowledge, an insight into how they work with artists, tutorials, tips and tricks. : Printmaking podcast. : Design and illustration based directory of printers/workshops/publications.

Instagram: @lisa.prints