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Pamphlet Binding

This binding is ideal for small booklets, zines and notebooks.

From left to right, pamphlet binding, tools and bookbinding step-by-step guide


Dos-à-dos means back-to-back in French.
The binding has two separate sections combined within one cover.

From left to right, Stab binding, Coptic binding and Dos-à-Dos Binding

Japanese Stab Binding

Stab bindings are ideal to sew together single sheets of paper.
The variations of sewing patterns are endless.

Traditional Japanese Stab Binding

Simple Slip Case

A paper slip can combine a set of books or act as protection for a book, leaving the spine exposed.

Example for a paper slip case, combining multiple book structures

Coptic Binding

The coptic binding has an exposed/sewn spine and there is no glue required. In coptic binding the covers are sewn in conjunction with the pages.

Contemporary Coptic Binding

Watch step-by-step Coptic Binding here:

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External learning resources

Punching Cradle

Image of a punching cradle
Punching Cradle by Miriam Brüggen
Long Stitch Binding by Shihui Yang

Free online (and downloadable) version of:
Boxes for the Protection of Books: Their Design and Construction
from the Library of Congress

A step-by-step guide by Kathy Abbott

Making Books
A guide to creating hand-crafted books
by the London Centre for Book Arts