Andrew Long

I am a letterpress printer, designer and ex-plumber from Southport (a small town up North), UK. I studied BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and Design at The School of Visual Arts (NY). During this time I was introduced to traditional and experimental letterpress processes which still form my design practice.

My passion is relief printing, I find nothing more relaxing than carving a bit of lino, setting a bit of metal type and applying some ink. I still get excited seeing that first print when everything comes together. When I’m not at LCC you’ll find me in the St Bride Foundation workshop learning more about letterpress and it’s history.

Top 5 Tips

1. Make a list — List everything you want to do in a day or week, even the menial tasks, it helps with organising your day and it’s satisfying ticking off completed jobs.
2. Procrastinate — We all do it. It can be useful, a flick through Instagram might give you an idea for something you’re working on. I like watching letterpress videos on YouTube. Just don’t do it all day.
3. Keep in touch — With us ( or fellow students. It’s good to talk about your work to help generate ideas and gain feedback. It’s also good to keep in touch with people whilst we are stuck at home.
4. Critique — Look at work you do / don’t like, what do you like / dislike about it? I like to apply this to typography, I can’t look at a sign or read a magazine without looking at the kerning or the flow of text. Which is a good resource of dos / don’ts for my own practice.
5. Make stuff — This may be difficult depending on what materials you have access to, but try and improvise with what you do have. You’ll be surprised at what you can make. I like to make pocket sized notebooks from old prints and scrap paper, in which you’ll find all my lists.

Inspiration and Support

Kern Type – The Kerning Game — A fun game to practice your kerning.

Type and Press — A link of links to all things relating to print and type, including upcoming live feeds and access to free documentaries.

Baby Ink Twice — A gallery of printed posters by Dafi Kühne, including process videos. A great example of experimenting with relief printing.

Contact information
Instagram: @and_long