Izzy Smithson

I am an artist and printmaker from London. I studied BA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication, where I then started working in the printmaking workshops once I had graduated. I went on to study MA Print at Royal College of Art, where I am graduating this summer. I love every type of printmaking and pushing print into an installation field.

My work explores the interaction between humans and environments, looking at ownership of space, collective memory and journey’s of loss. I really enjoy crossing multiple techniques and learning new ways of working, which helps with the collage that features throughout most stages of my practice. When not at LCC or studying I also work alongside Josie at ScreenGrab, hosting screen printing workshops for the public.

Top 5 Tips

1. Small sketchbooks/zines – I like using old or bad quality bits of paper to make a small folded zine or book. It helps to get my mind flowing, even if I’m creating simple drawings.
2. Don’t expect your work to be perfect – We are all trying to find new, easy and safe ways of working from home, so it will take a while to find a way of making that works best for you!
3. Don’t throw away scraps – You can use any paper, foil, leaves, labels, packaging to collage with, so keep hold of anything and everything around your house to layer and cut up.
4. Start using materials in different ways – If you don’t have much/any equipment at home, try using other materials. I have been using a spare lino block and a piece of glass from a picture frame as a flat surface to monoprint off.
5. Give yourself a list of things to do in a day/week – Some people may find this daunting, but writing lists help me to feel inspired or give me things to do when I feel like I can’t think of anything.

Inspiration and Support

Lynda.com– Loads of resources to help brush up or learn new skills.

Turf Projects – London based art space, supporting exhibitions, workshops and events. Currently holding online workshops and crits.

Modern Art Oxford – Gallery showing exhibitions in online form. One of my favourite artists Lubaina Himid currently on show. https://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/https://www.modernartoxford.or

Contact information
Email: i.smithson@arts.ac.uk
Instagram: @izzysmithson