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I’ve done some awful prints and had worse ideas.

Now and then whilst sleeping, I get some really fantastic ideas for making images that no one has ever seen or done before, printed in a new way that will wow the creative world. For me it’s about the process, the journey, how you get there, the idea and not so much how it will look. How convenient of me.

Why go and buy something that’s pre-made when you can create your own unique version? Take AirFix Models for example: they never fit together as you see them on the box. The transfers were crap and would never stick to the model. My Spitfire looked decrepit. Like it had been in a dog fight (Labrador) before taking off.

It was about the thrill of making something from scratch, developing something new that you hoped would turn out amazing, even better than the picture on the box!
I’m sure all this has something to do with growing up in the 1970s.

For some reason those amazing, drowsy ideas involved overprinting my apparently amazing designs. When I say ‘overprinting’, I mean ‘blocking out’ the design underneath with a solid colour. So that no one on earth can see it!

At the moment I’m working from home and don’t have access to my extensive back catalog, but luckily here’s a couple of examples of where my tiredness took me. The first print is a Xmas Card. A total success of repurposing old prints from teaching+dreams idea.

My closest work mates, friends and family all said that they really loved it, whilst I watched them tear the envelopes open!

A Screenprinted Xmas Card.
Black over existing print. 2021 Xmas Joy!

Excuse the lockdown photography skills.
The next and last example of overlaying solid colour was done with White. At a push it’s a 5% White, multi printed to give a layered look, almost like 3D construction. Again it’s about the journey and so the 20+ colours are all paper stencils amongst other things.

A Screenprint showing examples of transparent layered white colour.
Transparent White over printing. Paper stencil Screenprint.

All jokes aside, printing flat areas of colour can be a great way of blocking out parts of your print you’re not happy whilst creating new bits that you are!

Enjoy your journey!